We provide multi-disciplinary services that will help you negotiate the complexities of the heritage system.

Heritage Impact Assessment

BCN provides methodological, precise and simple to understand heritage impact assessments to support your development. Whether at the start of a project or trying to meet conditions of consent, our team can provide their extensive experience to meet the requirements of heritage and consent authorities. The complexity, nature and legislative requirements of your project will dictate whether you need a full statement of heritage impact, significance assessment or minor works exemption.

With our knowledge and experience BCN can provide the advice you need to understand your heritage requirements and the documentation necessary to take your project from inception through to final completion and certification.

Conservation Management Plans

A conservation management plan (CMP) is the principal guiding document for the conservation and management of a heritage place. BCN has extensive experience in the preparation, review and endorsement of CMPs.

We can provide also provide advice on what other types of management planning tools may serve your purposes. These could include conservation management strategies, asset maintenance plans, condition reports or any combination of these.

Road and Rail Infrastructure

Heritage listed rail and road infrastructure present unique problems when it comes to balancing heritage requirements against operational, budgetary and government requirements. Maintaining heritage significance while undertaking necessary upgrades can be a difficult balancing act.

We provide broad management advice to detailed design solutions. Our staff has extensive experience working with the Roads and Maritime Services and Transport for NSW on the heritage management of these structures.

Historical Research

Historical research is always a key aspect of every project we do.  Most of our work then interprets that research to develop an analysis of significance or policies to guide management, but our historical research may be all that you need.

As an example, you may wish to know more about your property or site and how it as developed over the years.  Historical images, maps and drawings can either accompany a written summary, or can be used for display, adding interest for you, your guests, or your clients.  We can help you source archive material, write descriptive texts that are as detailed or concise as you require, present our findings as reports or as interpretative materials or liaise with other professionals, supplying them with the information they need.

Community Engagement

The most important heritage sites are those places that the community holds dearest. We know that the community is not one homogeneous group. Finding a way to balance the needs of different groups while ensuring importance is maintained while providing viable uses now and into the future is not easy. Our team has extensive experience in community consultation, engagement and co-operative design. We know how to work with disparate groups with different goals to achieve consensus.


Interpretation of heritage can best be defined as all the ways of presenting the significance of an item. Although it may be as simple as signage, today interpretation can encompass a wide range of mediums including; print and electronic publications, lectures, on-site and related off-site installations, educational programs, community activities and 3d scanning to name a few.

Interpretation goes beyond a mere dictation of facts: it should engage and inspire.  Ideally, it should encourage further investigation and foster personal responses to a place. BCN can bring our experience and collaborative partners to your project ensuring that we engage as wide an audience as possible.

Aboriginal Due Diligence Assessments

BCN provides field assessments and analysis to meet the requirements of legislation in relation to the protection and management of Aboriginal objects. Applying best practice methods, we can help identify potential Aboriginal sites and places and provide mitigation to ensure that your project is compliant with relevant legislation and meets community requirements.

We are also able to provide advice on whether consultation with the Aboriginal community is warranted and assist in undertaking formal and informal consultation requirements.